A page of links to YouTube videos of spoken poetry I believe are exceptional.
When you come to a poem’s wordy doors, throw yourself open. Blake

Saved by a Poem, by Kim Rosen. How poetry liberated her from a depression that psychology could not address.

Before the Beginning: a brilliant poem by Rilke, performed by Kim Rosen.

How to Be Alone: an amazing blend of word, film and animation presenting by a very sensitive and perceptive young poet.

I Rise: a profoundly triumphant poem by the great black poet Maya Angelou.

Mary Oliver: Mary Oliver reads two of her poems. Mary is one of my very favorite poets.

Morning Poem: a poem by Mary Oliver recited and expressed in dance.

The Opening of Eyes: a poem written and performed by David Whyte.

Love after Love: a deeply mystical poem by Derek Walcott, performed by Kim Rosen

In Impossible Darkness: a mystical poem written and performed by Kim Rosen.

In My Craft or Sullen Art, poignant poem on the soul labor of a poet written and performed by the great Welch poet Dylan Thomas

Being Born, a powerful, mystical and primal poem by ee cummings, performed by Kim Rosen.

Looking For Your Face, a passionate love poem for the ultimate Love by the Sufi Mystic, Rumi.

Hands, by Sarah Kay, a talented young poet celebrating her relationship with her photographer father. Crackles…

Listening: mystical poem by the great sufi poet, Rumi, performed by Kim Rosen.

Those Who Don’t Feel This Love: poem by Rumi, read by Coleman Barks. The end of words, when we can only sink into silence.


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