Links to recommended articles and essays by Blake Steele
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Revolutionary Reality
We are still living in Newtonian paradigms because of vested interests in the world as it is — because when we shift to what science has actually discovered, there will be a revolution of our civilization. But we don’t have to wait.

Turning Everything Around, Now
Celebrating this Christmas day at the point of history we are in, we must start re-imagining our world, questioning everything, returning with courage to the Light of Life and values that alone can birth a new era of human happiness.

Paths to Peace in the Midst of Confusion
In the midst of a flood tide of opinions about what is going on in the world, there is simplicity and clarity. We need to focus on universal spiritual values and simple practices that have the proven power to bring clarity and to carry us through.

All Creatures Love Their Source
When we get unblocked and reunited to the deepest, most natural, open and free part of ourselves we rediscover what is pure and real, and are thrilled, enraptured, made ever more alive.

The Animal Us
The whole system is collapsing. Time to wake up into the real world that is dawning upon our hearts and minds, yawning us open wide to Life in Love and Love as Life.

Climbing the Naked Tree
Meditations from the branches of a great Beech Tree

Illuminating Happiness
Pondering pathways to human happiness.

This Amazing Time
It is happening: we are in it. How happy are those who realize what is actually going on.

Spirit in Our Naked Center
An article published in Spirituality Today both in Ireland and America, January 2009. It is a heart cry against the vested interests of those who are in denial and for this awakening: for the sake of the earth and animals, for the seas and our children, and the tremendous shifts that are happening.

Recreating the Sacredness of the Natural
Re-prioritizing our lives around the Life-inspired way of spiritual awakening and growth, our high and true purpose, and through this becoming a flowing fountain of creativity, love and joy as we realize the inherent Oneness, giftedness and beauty of existence.

The Highest Human Purpose
Getting perspective regarding the wild, endless immensities of this Universe and our true place in it, as wide awake, Love illuminated, fully alive, beauty making beings.

Imagine This
Wishes, hopes, affirmations bringing our heart into resonance with the highest good of the most people.

Bringing Sex and Everything Home
Cleansing sex of all the connotations that discolor the pure and innocent energies of our bodies and the truly pure nature of Life.

A New World
Visions of a world of peace and beauty where every soul is luminous again and Love is the living law everyone loves to keep.

The Fragrant Bright Freedom of Love
Growing through our inner resistance into the healing, liberating powers of Unconditional Love, linked to a visual meditation on healing our deepest soul wound.

To the Free all is Free
Returning to the innate wisdom of our body/mind system to get straightened out, with Life-given values and priorities so we can live in harmony and peace in this miraculous and beautiful world.


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