Mr. Everybody-nobody: a note, a scribe, a circle
in your inbox, please rectify, subscribe,
no mollify your superior immediately.
Something happened last night, between the ball game
and the tenth commercial. A shudder on the floor;
a flutter at the window. Was that a whisper,
a shadowed light, a mirror, some kind of voice?
Oops, tea break: why not a coffee, a nut muffin?
Break out!

Down the bleak hall, down the elevator,
down the stairs, down the dimple of dark,
to the common byways, to the runnels
of humanity, to closed faces, to blank eyes.
There is a hint of black fur growing out his sleeves,
a glint of moon in his prowling eyes.
Hey, look out! A California skate boarder
weaves by. “Look out, you beautiful fool!”
What is this humming in the man’s chest?
A growl, a humpback song, the roar of a bull elephant seal?
He turns into the coffee shop: ears sprouting leaves.
“Next! Number 63. That you? What will it be?”
“I’ll have a mackerel, a side plate of krill
and a bucket of dirt for my feet.”
Who said that?
Not me!

“That will be $8.92.”
Put it on this,” he says,
and pulls out a credit card that suddenly shines
as bright as the sun.
Everybody’s eyes glitter.
Everybody’s heart melts open.

Blake Steele

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If you encounter someone who believes
in a thousand improbabilities —
such as blind chance developing a protein molecule
at the odds of a trillion to one,
or a flying bird emerging from slime and mud,
or intelligent consciousness somehow
accidentally happening
out of unintelligent processes —
and they ask you for proof of God, tell them
about the magic of moonlight
in the shining eyes of a sensitive woman;
or a heart the size of a grain of rice
starting to beat in a mother’s body
and never pausing for 90 years;
or the millions of radiant, loving souls
who say they have encountered a pure Spirit,
divinely beautiful in their own hearts;
or the silence of a great tree
that can be sensed in everyone’s chest
if you are still;
and the inexplicable brightness of Light
in the wide, open eyes of those who believe
in limitless, eternal Love.

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Eloha Revealed

There is a body within our bodies
that has not been twisted,
torn or trammeled,
troubled or tantalized,
but remains innocent.
This body knows silence
as a bird knows song,
as a horse the smell of water,
a bear the flash of fish.
When breath bores a hole
in flesh and sky pours through
this body shines.
When a soul defies its fear and throws
its human face wide open,
this body shines.
When someone dances
through crippled emotions
for the sake of freedom,
then this body leaps up
and shines.

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I love singing to birds
and setting them free.
I knew a woman
who came to me once
in the shape of a seagull.
She could soar over the waves
and pluck a silver fish
right out of the foam.
She could rise up
on trembling wings
and hold herself steady
in a gale.
Every time I set her free
in my heart
she cried a sweet cry
and sailed in wide circles
around my body
pointing her feathers
towards the sky.
If a bird should come to me
at night, and flutter its wings
against window glass,
my heart drops this body
and throws everything wide open…
letting in wind, letting in the moon,
letting out breath to fly with that bird
up to kiss the one who watches
and keeps the sky free;
up to sail in wide circles
around that center of freedom
Who is nothing but Light.

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Love affirms us, accepts us, cherishes us.

Yet, something inside is deathly afraid of Love,
even though we long for its touch,
its caress through human hands,
through some amazing, silky voice,
through this one’s shining eyes.

Yes… something in us is also wise,
knowing that it is reckless
to open wide to someone
just because they have learned to say
Love’s magical words.
It often takes time
to know… what is in the soul,
what hides in its shadows…
is there any unconscious thing
wildly in control, seeking pain?

But no… something else in us
is foolish, and turns from Love’s promise
precisely because Love
would kill it dead, expanding open
its tight, constricted nature,
melting its punishing shadows
into nothing but laughter
and Light.

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They are coming now in robes and rags,
with coral colored ribbons,
gold sashes, and muddy feet.
Some of them have hair the color of straw;
some, the color of wood, and others none at all.
I’ve seen a beautiful woman
who through one glimpse of her eyes
ravished my heart with a Love as old as existence.
I’ve seen a child who gazed straight into me,
and touched my secret Light,
making me feel like I was a god.
On another occasion it was a snow-white seal
rising up in a circle of her elders to gaze at me
with such a lonely, cold love that it shook me forever.
Some of them have skin like a snow-bear;
others like a panther in the night.
Some wear fish-skinned boots;
others slippers made of rose petals and leaves.
One comes as a woman spouting poetry
to birds that twirl around her,
and the listening trees;
another can’t speak at all,
but walks on his knees and weeps.
A third dances in circles of sunlight,
chanting with burnt sage and beating a drum.
A fourth talks with animals
who speak to him their names.
While countless others drift like smoke into dreamers,
coming to inquire of us — in these times
when familiar faces are birthing
inexplicable tyrannies through fear —
do you remember who you really are?
And have you sensed
the need of your Great Soul
to arise into freedom
in this perilous time,
in this time of astonishing change?


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Jesus in Glory

This is an excerpt from my novel, The Wild Christ Nobody Owns. It is available in print or Kindle versions from

Chapter 91

The Action of Love
Age 31
(from The Wild Christ Nobody Owns)

Jesus called Sarah, who was as shapely and beautiful as the finest mare in a king’s stables. And he said, “Look into this woman’s face and tell me what you see.”

They looked at her for a moment and one by one averted their eyes. And he said, “Why won’t you look at her?”

One of them said, “It is not lawful to gaze at a woman to lust after her.”

“Is this all she is then, just an object of your lust and cause of fear? Is this the good fruit of your many rules and laws? You,” he said to the oldest man amongst them, “Look again.”

Sarah went and knelt down close to him and began to gaze into his eyes. At first his eyes shifted this way and that, and then he began to see her. She said, “Relax. All is well. I want nothing from you, nor you from me but only this. See me and let me see you.”

The old man began to see her, and his face relaxed, and he began to chuckle and felt a great relief. Then he looked more carefully and saw the Love in her and felt a great Love arising in his heart. She moved slowly and put her arms around him and held him. He sighed and felt what he had longed to feel since he was a child. The other men could not help but feel the goodness of what was happening.

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