Mankind has not started to integrate into our public perception what science has discovered about the actual nature of existence. We are still functioning in thought and attitude in 18th century Newtonian concepts because we are locked into them by our disfunctioning world. It is interesting to look at what is implied in sciences new theories and how they might affect our awareness. It’s a big subject, but here’s a place to start: there just might be Someone who is destroying and rebuilding the Universe once every moment. It isn’t logical, but then what does logic have to do with reality?

Here is another: that things seem to remain the same is a function more of habit than law… It is possible to shift shapes, and move through things and travel as fast as thought. But we don’t because our minds are locked into what is familiar, in other words, habitual states of awareness. But habits can be, and are regularly broken in the name of adventure — and the One who Creates things as they are must be adventurous to the extreme. And imaginative of course, you just have to look a bit outside the box of your familiar existence to see that: but the fullness of this free function of imagination is not always that evident, for it unfolds on gargantuan scales, like millions of years… mostly, but sometimes not. Sometimes it unfolds its incomprehensibilities on the comprehensible human scale of a few seconds.

I once saw a monstrous planet in the sky. It was perhaps 20 times the size of a full moon. I’m not kidding here. I was around thirteen years old and didn’t even know drugs existed. It was just after sunset and I saw it from the back porch of a friend’s house shining over the sea. He saw it too. But for some reason, we never told our parents. I was disappointed when there was nothing in the paper the next morning, then went back to watching cartoons and gave it no further thought, which is mighty strange to say the least — perhaps stranger than actually seeing it, but communication was not a strongpoint of our family — and as part of the first generation in history to grow up in front of a TV I had not developed the ability to maintain a consistent train of thought. Oh, I saw a monstrous planet, and now Popeye the sailor is beating up Bluto again. What’s for dinner?

The fact is, life is wilder than we think. A great many people have had moments of irrational intrusions into their daily existence that they rationalize away in order to keep their minds functioning within the proper boundaries called sanity by most. There is a great instinctual fear of insanity in the human mind. I understand that. And yet, the really great thinkers always go way beyond the boundaries in the name of adventure, (aka discovery of the real). They become mad in a non-mad way. Let’s take cutting edge research physicist for an example.

When I say adventurous soul a theoretical mathematician may not immediately pop into your mind: (I mean, can you envision a nerd with thick glasses hunting for Tasmanian Devils in order to wrestle one naked?) But there are many forms of adventure. Presently, peering behind the curtain of Newtonian Physics into the wildness of the Quantum world definitely qualifies.

According to well-known physicist Brian Swimme, existence is foaming out of and disappearing into Nothing constantly. It is a seething mass of constantly recreated what? Atoms as we have thought of them, little billiard balls floating around, don’t exist. Not unless we look at them. Otherwise, existence melts into an unbroken ocean of vibrations? What we call matter is more like waves of energy that interface and drop down in frequencies from light to sound to matter. You could say that light is like vaporized water, sound like liquid water and matter like frozen water. I recently read that if you had a piano that went up 40 octaves you could play color, and if it went down 40 octaves, you would play forms of matter.

If we knew how to raise our vibrations with consciousness at will our body could turn into pure Light. On a more approachable level, when we do raise the vibrations of our body even a little, healing happens, for our body moves towards patterns of harmony (aka health) that are held like a luminous blue-print within us. As of yet, not much has been done in technology to implement this vibrational shift, though there are people all over the world, and always have been, who heal others this way. I have read of a machine in existence that can do this. Of course, if it got out it would undo the entire medical profession and disband all the drug companies in the way running engines on water or from gathering electro magnetic power out of the Void will undo the entire oil/gas/nuclear energy cartels. So you see, reality shifts are revolutionary. That’s why they are so repressed and resisted by those in power.

Another very interesting way of envisioning everything vibrationally is that all existence is actually a Voice speaking, a song being sung.

And if that wasn’t amazing enough, there is not only matter, there is anti-matter. Everything has its antimatter equivalent. And if you add matter and antimatter you get… pow! nothing. But what is nothing? Pure nothing they have discovered, is infinite energy potential… we could say, God, or the Divine Presence.

What this means is that we exist both as matter and antimatter. Yes, there are two of us. The matter part obviously resonates with matter, sound, thoughts, even light, here in the time/space continuum. The antimatter part is beyond light, beyond time and space: it dwells non- locally in eternal stillness. If you fused matter completely with antimatter… boom, we become God. And that’s what the mystics have been saying since the beginning of recorded time.

Is this all real, I mean in real life applicable form? Well, we shall see, for the great adventure of awakening awareness that will lead to an explosion of new technologies and an entirely new planetary civilization is unfolding, and hold onto your seats, the real action is just about to begin.


About Blake Steele

I am a poet, writer, workshop leader, recording artist... half monk, half pirate, passionate for Life and Love to triumph in the world. I'm American by birth, but am living in Sweden for a while: writing, growing, deepening with amazing, open-hearted people, as well as developing Wild Words Creative Writing Classes and Wild Souls Workshops around the world.
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