These are interesting times of massive change. At every point in human history when the people sensed that massive changes were happening two things seem to happen:
1. A flood of contradictory opinions as people try to make sense of everything and thus stop personal mad spirals into fear;
2. Massive religious confusion.

Actually, these are one phenomena happening, people are searching for certainty in uncertain times, whether “secularly” or religiously.

It doesn’t take much study of the internet to realize that if you could draw a diagram of humanity’s corporate mental activity it would look something like a bowl of spaghetti, perhaps, a blown up bowl of spaghetti. There actually may not be any consensus at all, but there is one main theme: “the times they are a changing,” and that some people see this as a threat and others as an opportunity, while others see it as a prelude to cataclysmic spiritual events.

If you do a little study of Christian, Jewish and Muslim history you will see that in times of great social change prophet arise and proclaim great things that don’t happen. Primitive Christianity proclaimed the second coming of Christ within their lifetimes. Periodically Jewish prophets have arisen to proclaim the soon coming of the Messiah. Hasn’t happened yet. And the Muslims have Imam Mahdi who will come to usher in the Golden Age. So far, zip.

But, perhaps, these prophetic dreams of a new, golden era, were but dress rehearsals for the real thing. This is entirely possible. I don’t discount it at all. I know we live in a multi-dimensional Multiverse (as some Quantum Physicists are now calling it). The vibrational pitch of consciousness can be raised and open the spiritual realms to humanity in the same way it has happened to genuine, pure-spirited mystics since the beginning of time. Ultimately all reality is One and mankind will realize it.

From my own spiritual experiences, plus exposure to many different teachings and near death experience testimonials I have come to the conclusion that what the Great Unified Source of all existence actually asks of us is incredibly simple… as simple as breathing and just as vital, and that we are given the freedom to fully experience what we choose to believe. This is where all the confusion comes from: so many people all projecting their personal beliefs and experiences out on the world.

So, in the light of this, how do I personally remain open in such a flood tide of confusion knowing I am just one more voice at best? Simply keep it simple. Focus on the things of universal and eternal value that under gird all belief systems. And don’t get lost in the sea of mental turbulence, all the interpretations and projections that are so contradictory.

Here are the four main spiritual practices I believe will carry us through no matter what happens.

1. Waiting on God in the true Biblical sense, which is exactly the same as classical Meditation. Be silent; open your heart; come to inner rest in the Presence of the present moment. Practice it. This will sensitize and clear your mind and heart over time. It will train your consciousness to rest in the present moment, which is where Life is and has always been happening. God is found Now; the harmonious Unity of all is found Now, no where else.

2. Gratitude being thankful for this miracle of Life unfolding in the Presence of Life, the Now, releases good chemistry in our mind/body system. We experience joy, happiness, a positive frame of mind looking for positive results to come out of everything, no matter how dark and bleak things get. Light and Love will conquer in the end… period.

3. Grace and Forgiveness forgiveness means to release or set free. Set yourself free and you will be set free. Set others free and you will be set free. As you release, you are released. Hold on, demand retribution, demand your version of justice, and you remain bound within. Forgiveness opens the door and lets Grace happen, and Grace is the free gift of new beginnings. Grace is God creating newness.

4. Love as action: Love affects every aspect of our being: energy, emotions, thoughts, intuitions, imaginations, awareness. It is a wholeness of Spiritual Goodness happening to and through us. As you become more centered, peaceful, aware, and released from the negativity Love flows through you, naturally. With gratitude of heart act out Love in kindness, in complete honesty with the intent to allow growth in yourselves and others, in healing service, in beauty making and sharing. You get the idea.

If we concentrate on these things we will grow in the Light of Life and more Light will be given in simplicity and purity as we become more harmonious, wise and loving people able to respond in Love to whatever happens in this wild ride of rapid change.


About Blake Steele

I am a poet, writer, workshop leader, recording artist... half monk, half pirate, passionate for Life and Love to triumph in the world. I'm American by birth, but am living in Sweden for a while: writing, growing, deepening with amazing, open-hearted people, as well as developing Wild Words Creative Writing Classes and Wild Souls Workshops around the world.
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  1. Lanie Liu says:

    Aah, Blake!
    I was playing mahjong with my inlaws and read this piece when we took a short break.

    It was like an immediate answer from the Lord because while playing, I was talking to the Lord at the same time coz I was just hungry, hungry, hungry! Getting “lost in the sea of mental turbulence, all the interpretations and projections that are so contradictory.” I’ve started reading books about meditation (one by Osho, an Indian poet/philosopher and another one by a chinese Master) just to have a feel of eastern philosophy and I started getting confused about the question of the absolute, the infiniteness of humans, my understanding of Christian salvation as the church has been teaching it (Jesus being the Only Way) and how God sees all of this.

    But the four spiritual practices you presented here came like cleansing, refreshing water to my parched soul. It quieted by doubts and made me rest in the Lord’s peace and His assurance that His voice leads me..,that I do not have to understand all the ways He uses to talk to other people. Just get to know His voice better and let His unique expression of Himself through me shine through.

    I have lots of questions..,on pain, the healing of desires and fulfilling and expressing them instead of suppressing them and living a very stunted kind of life. I have just read your poem “Wash in the River of God” and the last four lines just spoke deeply into my heart, promising me a life-giving drink that ever flows for the thirsty.
    My life is slowly taking a big, wide turn to another direction, one that’s more in the area of the brain’s right hemisphere! 😉

    Blessings, Blake. My soul dances with yours..,


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