All the wounds of the world are caused by the failure to Love others and let ourselves be loved. Love is the natural health and harmony of our being. When we are starved for Love another nature develops in us, one fully supported by our Love starved environments: it is a turned around backwards and upside down nature composed of blockages, defense mechanisms, and survival strategies. It is a toughened, desensitized nature, disconnected from its own source and thus from the heights and depths of the harmonious unity of Life and thus others. Our quandary is that the very thing in us that needs to be healed by Love is the most afraid of it, for Love will kill its fearful, selfish nature dead.

There is a bloom, a yawn, a sublime opening of the Light in us, shining through the colors of our soul like sunlight through stained glass. But our woundedness whispers, how can we bear the burden of such freedom, such rivers of inspiration, such natural Life-enhancing influences flowing out of us? If we let it all open, bloom, become, would the hypocrisies of our small little self-absorbed natures be revealed?

Yes. So what…? Does the Great roaring Laughter of the Universe really care? Is the Ultimate Freedom who births freedom out of freedom holding us back? Is Limitless Love’s caring, offering, giving holding back? Just see the little worm nature for what it is and forgive yourself lavishly and completely time and time and time again. That way, your forgiving nature grows, and your greatness is guarded by needful humility from the subtle natures of illusions of superiority.

The way to grow free is to just keep opening and opening and opening and let the self-giving, overflowing, inspired nature of Love have its way in this moment, when else? It is becoming resonant with what is already there in our deepest nature by giving it expression right now. It is letting God happen in us, through us… even, as us, if we can allow this without ego attachment — for this is the highest truth. As Jesus said, “There is no good but God.” This means all the good that is happening everywhere today is the out flowing action of the Primal Goodness of the Source of us all. In spite of all our thinking to the contrary, we are all connected to the Source in the moment of Life unfolding and we allow it to flow through us all the time for, in spite of the distorted impression of the world the media gives us, there are millions of times more acts of kindness done each day than acts of violence. So, let’s just let this primal goodness flow more freely and completely through us. It is in self-giving, in heart-felt care and sharing, that we grow into this secret powerful, positive Presence our spirit being is immersed in. And it is though incarnating this Love through our heart-felt thoughts, words and deeds that a huge, silky garment embroidered with beauty is woven for our soul.

Yes, there is a worm in the rose of Love within us: something small, self-absorbed and convinced of its own shrunken nature, lusting to eat rose petals and live. But by the very nature of things, it will slowly melt in sunshine and clouds of perfume when our intention is clear and constant to grow free.

Let’s allow the freedom of Light and the perfume of this High Life of Love waft through us freely. Let’s do it for Love, more Love, and the triumph of Love’s healing freedom, creativity and compassion in this world. Let’s do things differently, get our brains out of the stressful little box blind materialism has thrust us into. Love celebrates, Love rethinks things, reimagines Life, joyously turns the status quo around backwards and upside down on its head: that’s when the laughter really starts. Why not become downwardly mobile for Love? There is no completion that way. Why not bring beauty where beauty is not expected? Why not allow your Love illuminated imagination to fly free and flow into the adventure of unconventional actions? Why not risk failure for the sake of the crazy wisdom of creative Love happening?

Let’s wake up singing, rethinking, wildly doing — right now! — in Love more and more brightly and fearlessly. The times call us to it.

To a Visual Meditation on our deep, primal wound and its healing…


About Blake Steele

I am a poet, writer, workshop leader, recording artist... half monk, half pirate, passionate for Life and Love to triumph in the world. I'm American by birth, but am living in Sweden for a while: writing, growing, deepening with amazing, open-hearted people, as well as developing Wild Words Creative Writing Classes and Wild Souls Workshops around the world.
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  1. oh m so sorry for not having introduced myself. i’m a college student. an Indian. my name is Anuragini Pandey. and i’m absolutely thrilled to go through your work….


  2. that’s a brilliant piece of work, mr. steele. ffull of insight…….deep!


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