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I had a dream of a new world where people valued Love and human happiness far more than the illusions that blind us; where fear no longer restrained the deep human instinct to be passionately alive, to create beauty for the earth, to bless every living soul.

And there were no more religions, for the old stories that had blessed and crippled us were fulfilled and past. And Life was once more the path, and living Love was at last the only way. And people opened their naked beings into song and into the free laughter of a free people. And higher realms were open, and beautiful immortal beings whispered to sensitive human hearts and no one was afraid of what is mysterious and too beautiful to say.

I saw people living in small rural communities. And everyone grew lush gardens and cared for them with consummate Love. And each little patch of earth bore gigantic vegetables and immense flowers because the people knew how to open their hearts and bless every little sprig and seed through their fingers and hands.

And people took time to breathe deeply, to gaze up into the open sky with open hearts, to feel the beauty of a breeze playing on their bare skin. And roosters crowed and chickens cackled and cows mooed their motherly moos and horses whinnied and donkeys brayed and the people heard the music of creation humming its divine song. And they savored Life’s gift: every sound of it, each smell… every new unfolding sight in the constant movement and miracle of the river of time. And they moved slowly, and were peaceful and happy.

And there was just enough technology left over from the old dark age to make life flow with a silky kind of smoothness. They created energy from sunlight and wind, temperature variations and out of the Naked Nothing with its limitless potentials. And they loved the softness of candlelight and the warmth of fire in their hearths. And their homes were nests of human kindness and beauty.

And people treasured each other, touching each other deeply, nourishing spirit and soul that they might make each other’s lives richer with awareness, wiser with understanding, freer in expression. And there was music and wild splashes of color and the freedom of dance, and rituals of celebration, and robust laughter. And each night, in every village community of the world, there were sacred gatherings around fires where songs were sung, and stories shared, and poems shouted to the fields and whispered to the sky in harmony with the music of crickets and the deep silence of stars.

And each new day people awoke with thankful hearts for another day of living, of breathing, of hearing, of speaking, of singing, of children’s spontaneous laugher. And they loved the sun, and drank it into their skin, and knew it imaged the radiance of the Source of all Existence and the freedom of grace by which radiance is poured.

And children gathered in immense play yards with fantastic toys invented to stretch their hearts open and make fertile their dreaming minds. And adults came to share in the children’s laughter, and create with the children fantastic new things, and to play and attune their souls to the wonder and curiosity of children’s innocent hearts. And the children grew, filled with music and bright colors and the natural rhythms of an earth at peace, for Life was realized as a sufficient enough wonder to satisfy.

And money no longer existed: for people were wise and inventive and there was so much inspiration and creative juice flowing that everyone’s needs were easily met, for people traded and freely shared, and happily gave each other gifts, and no one was hungry or felt an outcast or was sadly alone.

And everyone was vibrantly healthy for they highly valued all that is divinely natural and holy good. And sex was considered a sacred juice, and ecstasy was revered as the good medicine everyone’s body knew it to be. And people moved their body’s Life-force simply with breath and free-flowing attention to nourish every organ, every cell. And bodily pleasure resonated into their sacred core and opened their deep minds to the Great Harmony, to the tranquility of Pure Light everyone is. And they cherished their good sacred bodies and guided their passions with the wisdom of the innocence they realized they truly were, and happily followed Life’s instinctual urge to create more beauty in all their ways. And no one harmed another, for Love’s beauty was strong, and its energies real. And beauty opened each honest heart in resonance with opening flowers, and blooming trees, with flying birds, and quiet deer, and no one compromised their deeper dignity because they were insecure or arrogant or starving for ecstatic pleasure.

And there was no need of doctors, for everyone knew how to let the Spirit Flow in Love, by Love, for Love through their open energetic systems to heal. And they tenderly put their hands on each other and their bodies resonated with the patterns of that higher wisdom of holy Light that made them whole. And they massaged each other’s bodies and anointed each other with flower essences and oils and in innocence let all Life’s good energies flow.

And when an old one’s time on earth was done, they laid down in a field under the blue sky, or in the midst of beloved family and friends, and relaxed so completely into Love that they melted out of their bodies into Pure Light, into flight, into the endless singing of the homeland of their hearts.

And mankind became a world of children, of lovers, of luminous souls, artists alive in the Supreme Harmony, in love with the Great Love. And God was infinite beauty unfolding, streaming through sky, shining in matter, luminous in eyes, singing the great Universal song of Life in Union: loved and flourishing — so radiantly real.


About Blake Steele

I am a poet, writer, workshop leader, recording artist... half monk, half pirate, passionate for Life and Love to triumph in the world. I'm American by birth, but am living in Sweden for a while: writing, growing, deepening with amazing, open-hearted people, as well as developing Wild Words Creative Writing Classes and Wild Souls Workshops around the world.
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5 Responses to A NEW WORLD

  1. ben alex says:

    What a story about a world that is slowly unfolding in our dreams and hearts! It’s simply too good not to be true. Thanks for speaking it into reality, Blake!


  2. Dan says:

    Beautiful. Simply beautiful, and exactly what I set forth in my intentions of where we are heading. I connected with your words so much I could see and feel these energies. O’ day, I long for thee.
    Thank you for sharing your (and I suppose many’s) dream,


  3. Cheryl Anne says:

    Dear Friend…Your words have indeed lifted my heart today; reminding me that I am not alone in this Hope and Vision of Who We Really Are and What The World Can Be…and encouraging me to continue creating Beauty and sowing Love…for this is The Way of the Wild Christ.
    Thank you!
    Deep Peace and Every Blessing to you Blake!
    Cheryl Anne


    • Blake says:

      Ah… the eternal freedom of the One who is the Life of all… in such a rich, colorful, wide spreading diversity. So many blessings to you! It isn’t easy for the caterpillar to become… well you know the story.


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