Love melts through as pure poetry:
Life sings in its own language:
Life itself—
that great mystery no lover ever
seeks to solve.
Love reveals the wonder
and wonder opens the heart to beauty—
that ravishment of Love.
Let the beauty through: it isn’t yours
to possess or use. It is the deepest you
and its tenderness is as strong
as a star.
Melt to Love and become an infection.
Those who catch it will love you forever.
Someone said, Meditate on the scriptures,
but Love made me jump.
I had to twirl and sing.
There is no use trying to be respectable.
When the wind blows through the tree,
the tree goes wild.

To Listen to Recording of Let the Beauty Through


There is one song that the poetry in me
now longs to sing:
how to surrender totally to emptiness
and to be a poem in the silence
of that wordless song.


This tension in the fabric of your mind
is raw grief trying to become something.
Give up. Simply turn from all that need
and rest your mind on
the singing of empty open space
in the lightness of your heart.
You are a pure nothing.
You are Love pouring through.
You are totally free.
Breathe deeply:
belly slowly swells.
Feel the empty breath
as naked sky in your rising chest.
Slip into it like a child into a bath.
Let go and fall a little further back.
You are that!


About Blake Steele

I am a poet, writer, workshop leader, recording artist... half monk, half pirate, passionate for Life and Love to triumph in the world. I'm American by birth, but am living in Sweden for a while: writing, growing, deepening with amazing, open-hearted people, as well as developing Wild Words Creative Writing Classes and Wild Souls Workshops around the world.
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