The eyes of God are opening.
Time to wake up.
For years, no ages, since times lost
in the dim reaches of preconception,
God’s eyes have been closed,
inwardly gazing upon the luminosity
only found in the most secret place
of a love-scorched human heart.
Now… something is arising!
No tide can hold it back,
no familiar movement of sun or moon
hinder it. It is happening everywhere
and all at once!:
this subtle flutter, this sublime lift.
An immense curtain is parting:
this illusion of separation,
this primal howl, this sophisticated aberrancy,
is thinning, like a gray mist amidst the sun.
Yes! now! two ancient shutters flicker,
and are opening:
in the heart of trees, the soul of whales,
the belly of dolphins, the paws of bears,
deep within the body-dark of humans.
These are the eyelids of God,
enormous, glittering, spanning everything,
opening in astonished wonder,
like a child’s dazzling laughter,
gazing out of a million naked hearts
all at once!
smiling, like only God’s eyes can smile,
upon a Light-filled,
water washed,
fire purged, oh so suddenly holy
and bright beautiful world.


About Blake Steele

I am a poet, writer, workshop leader, recording artist... half monk, half pirate, passionate for Life and Love to triumph in the world. I'm American by birth, but am living in Sweden for a while: writing, growing, deepening with amazing, open-hearted people, as well as developing Wild Words Creative Writing Classes and Wild Souls Workshops around the world.
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