“And they shall return to God
with everlasting joy upon their heads…”
Where is the artesian laughter,
the dancing feet,
the flashing light of freedom
in the eyes?
There is no joy
in a boring God.
Where is the God
that all little children
would spontaneously love?
Let’s return
to that One.


This poetry is not You,
nor any image.
The Bible is not You,
nor any holy book.
The saints are not You,
nor any compassionate deed.
This longing is not You,
nor any answer.
The light in a lover’s eyes
is not You,
nor is this body You,
or any truth–
yet You clothe Yourself
with all these
at Your pleasure,
then laughingly
divest Yourself
of all things
to run naked
into garments of sunlight
through invisible snow.


Should Church be a place
to hide from the naked Heavens,
a place of refuge
from encounters with the world of Spirit?
Why don’t church goers meet angels?
If a profound spiritual awakening
should happen to a certain church member:
an opening of the eyes of the soul
to see spiritual halos, departed saints,
angels and devils, and the glory of God
hovering like fire above the altar–
would the congregation be a safe place to share it?
Or would there be murmurs of fear,
anxiety about delusions, hallucinations,
gastric distress, nervous breakdowns?
then castigation or an unspoken distancing.
I think God is too creative and free
for almost all religion:
that is why the seed shell must crack,
the old wine skin burst!
One day, the poetry of God
and religion will be one…
The fields will be singing;
the sky, angel packed.


About Blake Steele

I am a poet, writer, workshop leader, recording artist... half monk, half pirate, passionate for Life and Love to triumph in the world. I'm American by birth, but am living in Sweden for a while: writing, growing, deepening with amazing, open-hearted people, as well as developing Wild Words Creative Writing Classes and Wild Souls Workshops around the world.
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