Wow Stars

Look at the stars: what beauty; what wonder! The Divine is the Source of Existence. It is super positive energy flowing from super positive Being. It is wholly for us; entirely for our happiness. The Divine is supportive, uplifting, seeing the good and beautiful within us. It always and in every way works for our happiness, our highest good, our harmony and peace because that is just the way the Divine Source of all actually is.

To open ourselves fully is to experience Life as it is meant to be: to be sensitive to higher realms of beauty and subtle realms of universal wisdom; to love that which opens and blesses us into laughing joy. There is nothing degrading or punishing in God: all that stuff comes from twisted energies, dark heavy forces of anger, selfishness, insecurity, and arrogance that pull us down into chaos and suffering. Historically, repressed people expressed distortions of the Divine which hurt others, but now all that is passed if we are ready to move on. To be real in God is to rise like a feather on a breeze: to fly, to inwardly sail on Spirit-winds that are as kind as they are effortlessly free.

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Surrender Man

There is a world of astonishing potential within this world, a world of the higher law that makes galaxies sing in spirals through the deep black, and seashells spin in golden symmetries for inexplicable reasons. Birds know the gates to that place and sing through it. It is a green place of super-overflowing abundance for all: where medicinal plants drop their fruit freely on city streets and threaten no one’s economy; for there is no competitive economy of scarcity; where joy and celebration for the miracle of such gift-giving that everyone has more then enough; a place that every tender animal nuzzle and suck warmly connects to; that we can glimpse, when we suddenly arrive in our own skin fully enough to see in the eyes of an infant staring up at us a brilliance of Nothing beholding us in unknowing wonder.

This is the realm that is alive in far more then old mythic tales, of angry angels with flaming swords — out there, back then — for a flaming sword whirls in every heart, flashes beneath every smothering defense that crackles with self delusion, shudders with frozen fear, recoils with shame, winces with guilt, convulses with remorse, anger and all the rest: those familiar energies we sophisticate our souls within as we construct identities out of vain defenses.

My question to you is: can we throw ourselves upon the whirl of steel, the bright sword flares that kill the false self and come home singing? If we believe we can’t, of course we can’t. But what if we risk it, and allow ourselves to believe Life is a miracle beyond our beliefs, and like wild little children determine to find the way to a better world, built by the truer Self, even though it kills us?

Is it possible some mystic, heretofore unknown, inner gates might eventually, softly, through ecstasy, with laughter, open?

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Love is the higher harmony, goodness, creative genius, and ultimate Source of everything. Love is life’s fullest potential. It is a free power and a pure working. When humanity discovers the Law and Ways of Love, it will be a whole new world!

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Running Wild

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Wild Man Eyes

Someone is singing up in a tree.
It‘s the crazy minstrel of God.
Only birds are listening.
Flowers fall
from a wild tongue;
oils run out of fingers
to sooth a wounded body.
Somebody is howling
his pain to the sky.
Someone is shouting
his prayers to the sun.
Someone is being born
in crazy wisdom.

Blake Steele

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Dream beautiful things

Dream beautiful things now,
forget the dying shadows
of a worn out world.
This is a new time now.
It is Now, and has begun:
for all over the world people
are arising in spirit
to sing instead of complain,
to dance instead of protest,
to vote for Love
with multiple glances,
with countless kindnesses,
with affirmations and a deepening
rest that comes from waking up
and being trust, being peace,
being Love from the deepest center
of their opening hearts.
This is gloriously good news:
this is Divine Light arising
through the essence of us all;
through the trees;
through the birds;
through the sun and stars
into a new world being born.

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Embrace in Green

The divine children shall appear, each as old as starlight; each as young as flowers. And this is how it shall be.

To the pure, everything is pure, and is seen as it truly is: pure again, free again, full of radiant beauty and ultimate meaning. Our deepest need is for our Divinely designed developmental needs to be met creatively, and in Love; and for innocent purity to be restored to the body’s cellular memories. There must be a divine remembrance that cleanses, wakes up, and frees.

When humans open their subtle energetic beings through spiritual practice and wash in pure Being, in the Holy Innocence long enough, the shift happens. It comes from the accumulated development. You grow into it by Life, and in Love.

So wash, wash, wash in the Breath of Life, the Clean Chi, the Clear Spirit, until your heart and mind truly get it, and settle into the Pure remembrance, the innocence of being that guards the hearts of angels, and those ascended into Light.

For guidance in a simple Chi Gong exercise to wash in the Spirit of Life, see:

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